Links feature in editor and forum rules?

Why does the post editor offer a feature to include links and then tell me I can't include links in my post after I've used it?

you are a new user, just 20 hours....

Unfortunately the problem with new users making spam links and whatnot became too problematic so we have it turned off for new users.

I updated so you can post links.

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Thanks for the explanation. I think my question was kind of 2 fold though. I was also curious why the feature is not removed from the editor; or, at least, an alert given to the new user that they can't do it before they can enter anything into the post. As it stands you don't find the post won't submit until after you've invested in making the links in it. Then, if you want the post to get submitted, you have to go back and edit out the links (maybe more if the post was structured so that it depends on them). I don't know how hard it is to do (or maybe there are reasons not to) but this would be much less frustrating for new users than to go though all that work before they find out.

Just a friendly suggestion..