Link-dest option or any other alternative in rclone


We currently use rsync for disaster level backup on ubuntu server located at remote site.

We are planning to shift our disaster level backup from ubuntu server(remote site) to Onedrive cloud using rclone,

Currently we store around 5 images of disaster level backup on remote site ubuntu server.
Disaster backup is pushed to the remote backup server with heavy usage of multiple --link-dest to save both bandwidth and diskspace. rsync links unchanged files to the previous backup and only claims space for changed files.

Does rclone support --link-dest as supported by rsync.

rclone doesn’t support that. Tools like restic (with a rclone backend) support similar functionality only taking space for changed files.

You can achieve a similar effect using --backup-dir - the backup-dir will have the changed files in but it won’t have links to the unchanged files.