Limit transfers in mount

I'm using VFS writes in my mount command.

I can see that rclone is transferring 4 files at once by default.

2020/10/08 11:13:48 INFO : vfs cache: cleaned: objects 23 (was 23) in use 14, to upload 10, uploading 4, total size 31.155G (was 31.155G)

Can I use --transfers to limit or exceed this number?


Btw, it would have been faster for you to test it rather than posting a question here and waiting for a reply.

Animosity said that transfers don't work with mount so I didn't want to interrupt existing transfers/mount :roll_eyes:

If you are using writes or full as the cache mode, then you can use --transfers to control the number of simultaneous uploads. Downloads are still unlimited and can't be limited.

Huh this is exactly what I want. Docs need to be updated tbh. Thanks.

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