Let's create a collective GSuite Business account!


After the big disappointment with Amazon Drive I was thinking about a way to get Unlimited Data cloud storage and still have some kind of safety in terms of client support and so on.
Hubic seemed like a nice provider, but for some the 10Tb limit might be a problem in the future. So, GSuite seem to be the only option left, and I even bought some unlimited accounts on ebay to start migrating my data. But I am pretty sure that this carry some degree of risk, like Google cancelling the account without further notice and also the account administrator being able to see my data. If I buy 4 different accounts I will always need to resync all accounts, which is also annoying.

But the problem with buying real GSuite accounts is that they seem to ask for a minimum of 5 users so they can make storage unlimited. (https://gsuite.google.com/pricing.html?tab_activeEl=tabset-companies)

So I was thinking, why don’t we (from rclone forum) create a group of at least 5 people to start a GSuite account together and we split the costs?
Is anyone here interested? Also I was wondering how those ebay sellers manage to have their accounts. Does anyone know how they do get them? We could try to use the same tactics to get our own, with the difference that we would be able to control the number of users. And we would not go against any google rule.

Hope to hear from some of you guys (at least 5)!


I would say that it will be nearly the same risk : the administrator will still see your files (i don’t care on my side) and would be able to delete your account for whatever reasons, and you may have in your gsuite group someone uploading hundreds of TB, leading the account to be spotted by google as over-usage.

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Well, if we are 6/12 people we could agree on what is reasonable. If someone don’t comply, then we will ask the person to leave the group.
And are you sure administrator can always see all files?

Yes, the administrator can see all files that are being added/deleted from the different users drives :slight_smile:

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You mean the content as well or just filenames and sizes?

everything. the administrator can just change the sub-account password and login himself.

OK - that’s what you mean. They don’t have access without a password.
So if it is a real educational account they don’t see them?
Or the admin can see that I’m pushing 30TB to the google account of my daughter’s account?

yes he can see your space occupation and what you are uploading. since it is shown on the dashboard, it would alert an administrator at every login. i would guess most students don’t use that much space…


We can create a group with few simple rules. For example:

  • I can be the administrator, and therefor I will work to preserve every members rights to keep on using unlimited storage.
  • Only people making backups are welcomed. Anyone using GDrive for streaming/sharing would be warned, and if he/she doesn’t stop his account could be deactivated, in order to preserve the rest of the group’s data.
  • Passwords will never be changed, and data will be logically unaccessible to the administrator. Also, the members of the groups should be using encryption for important data.
  • We could eventually set a maximum cap of storage. Like 50Tb,or something like that.

So? Nobody interested?
I am really trying to find an honest alternative to the ebay accounts… which I can’t trust for important data.

unless its the admin themselves selling space xD

There is little point to sharing an account as Google do not enforce the 1TB limit on accounts with under five users.

I didn’t know about it. Are you 100% sure of the information? Have you tried it yourself?

yes. yesterday. uploaded 15TB since.

Ok! Thanks a lot for the information!

I just signed up for the Google thing a few days ago and have 8TB on there. So lets say google starts enforcing it I doubt they will just arbitrarily delete your stuff to get you under 1TB. And we pay. Google tries to cache the entire internet. This is a drop in the bucket for them. Storing shit is their wheelhouse.

I thought about doing something like this, but figured I’d wait until they started to enforce the 1TB limit.

Same here, but don’t know if it’s too late when they enforce 1TB limit.

Maybe the best will be if exist an official rclone gsuite organization managed directly from @ncw or someone for him. Maybe it might be a Premium Rclone account. Every member at subscription moment have to pay the entire amount of 1 year.

I will be making a .ca one for Canadians only tonight.
PM me if you are interested.
Taking a Max of 6 people and making it look like a legit business.

Why don’t you make it a .com domain? People can use .com domain in any country.