Less than 500 kb/sec Rclone Google Drive speeds

Really Slow Speeds with Rclone (less than 500 kb/second). ETA never seems to go down. Have run this command multiple times. No dice.

-Latest Version of Rclone
-Google Drive
rclone copy --filter-from rclone-filter.txt --local-no-check-updated --copy-links --verbose --stats 5m --fast-list --transfers=40 --checkers=40 --tpslimit=10 --drive-chunk-size=1M --max-backlog 200000 --log-file=/home/connor/rclone_2021.log /home/connor/ GoogleDrive:Laptop_Ubuntu18/home
Current remotes:

Name Type
==== ====
GoogleDrive drive

Transferred:   	    1.862G / 7.629 GBytes, 24%, 361.552 kBytes/s, ETA 4h38m44s
Errors:               267 (retrying may help)
Transferred:         5459 / 57005, 10%
Elapsed time:    1h30m0.8s
 * .vscode/extensions/ms-…py/adapter/__init__.py:  0% /430, 0/s, -
 * .vscode/extensions/ms-…py/adapter/__main__.py:  0% /8.232k, 0/s, -
 * .vscode/extensions/ms-…gpy/adapter/clients.py:  0% /26.733k, 0/s, -
 * .vscode/extensions/ms-…/adapter/components.py:  0% /6.284k, 0/s, -
 * .vscode/extensions/ms-…y/adapter/launchers.py:  0% /7.062k, 0/s, -
 * .vscode/extensions/ms-…gpy/adapter/servers.py:  0% /18.813k, 0/s, -
 * .vscode/extensions/ms-…py/adapter/sessions.py:  0% /10.545k, 0/s, -

Try simplifying your rclone copy command and run on a reasonable sized directory
rclone copy --filter-from rclone-filter.txt --verbose --stats 5m --fast-list --log-file=/home/connor/rclone_2021.log /home/connor/ GoogleDrive:Laptop_Ubuntu18/home

What speeds are you expecting to get?

With Google, you can only create 2-3 files per second so very small are a bad use case and you'll always get poor performance.

Second, your actual command makes it worse as you have 40 transfers and 40 checkers and you only get about 10 API hits per second with Google so you are slowing it down even more.

Start with defaults and go from there.

Lots of this you see in the debug log, which is why we ask for that log as part of the template information.

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