Latest rclone and Latest Beta gdrive slow speed after download quota exceeded

I am using google drive to resync 1 folder from ENCFS over to CRYPT, this is going to be an extremely painful process as the data is about 50TB, but in any case it was working, I had a plex media over exert my box and cause download quotas to be reached, now it appears the download quota has been lifted but i am now seeing speeds below 1M, I am seeing upload speed during sync to be somewhere between 12bytes and 100KB/s has anyone run into this after being download quota maxed? maybe i should wait it out another day or two and see if it resolves itself?

You'd have to share what you are running and some output as it's a bit hard to guess.

I'm not sure how you are moving it but I'd probably use use a Google Micro instance, which is free and just run it 24x7 with a very low bwlimit and let it run for a number of days/weeks to get that done as there really is not any other way to convert the data.

I am using a dedicated server in a data center with 1GB up/down, no real reason for a google micro instance unless that avoids data limits which i doubt. i am running the following command, and the output is just a 403 download exceeded error. I can also confirm this by loggin in to the drive app and attempting to download a file

command i am using is the following:
/usr/bin/rclone sync decrypted_encfs_drive grypt: --config=/path/rclone.conf -P --drive-use-trash --bwlimit=8M --checkers=10 --transfers=10 --log-file=xxxxxx

You are correct in using a google VM doesn't bypass any quotas and if you already have a dedicated, that's fine as well.

The log does a few things as it shares what version you are running and the exact command/output as well.

It just seems very strange you'd get a download quota exceeded for a file rather than the upload quota on the other side as the download is 10TB and upload is 750GB.

Normally in 24 hours, things stabilize out. The only caveat would be say you upload 740GB worth of data and at the end upload a 2TB file. That kind of messes up things for longer since it's one big file at the end.

I really think plex running it's updates while this was trying to download/upload cause the issue, the mediainfo / analysis thing is rough on rclone

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