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The university where I work has recently acquired a license to use LabArchives for our data storage and lab notebooks for all of our research needs. I am curious to know if anyone has used this product, and how you use rclone to migrate your data from local storage to LA?

I have just under 1PB of data on Windows 2016 and 2019 storage systems (not clustered), and a relatively high speed link outbound to move my data. Plus another 300-400TB on DropBox Teams folders.

Until recently, I have used rclone to keep my different faculty members sync'd up to DropBox, but DB seems to have added some limiters onto their system lately. The number of files per second or kb per second have been reduced, causing my sync's to fail. If LA works out, then I will plan on running a sync from DB over to LA, and I will sync my local storage systems up to LA as well. However, all of this depends upon the ability to use rclone for all of the data transfers.

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if you plan to migrate from local to LA, have you contacted LA about that?

is there a published api, a go lang module?
does it offer any of the current backends rclone supports?

As I am brand new to that product, and have yet to get my back end tour, I do not know at this point. That's why I was reaching out here to see if anyone had any experience with it. I'm still trying to get registered to look through their site and start pulling any note they might have.

11.04 How can I migrate or import data into LabArchives? - LabArchives
If you are working with a lot of locally stored files, you may want to upload these files using the downloaded application called Folder Monitor. For more information on folder monitor Click Here."

Good thought for Folder Monitor. However, I have files and folders that break what that program is capable of doing. I have researchers that collect large data sets that are often in the TB range for the new data set, and often files are larger than the MB size limitation LA lists. This is why I am turning to rclone.

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