Kodi = ACD Ban?

I just implemented ACD on my LibreElec Kodi box. Works for the mount (though I can’t seem to get the cron jobs working), and I scanned ACD, followed by playing a few videos. No problems… But then yesterday morning, I got an ACD Ban. I did the same thing last night, and this morning wake up to another ACD ban. I’m wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences.

Edit: Okay, so I just figured out that when I had to re-do my Plex library, I also had to go back into the server settings and tell it not to scan unless I told it to as well… So, I had both a Plex and a Kodi scan going at the same time for sure. Add to that the potential of my Sonarr / Radarr and CouchPotato, and I can see a potential of 4 programs making API hits concurrently. All on my GB connection. As far as I understood, ACD didn’t ban due to API hits, but this could be the first.

Edit2: So apparently none of the above mattered. I got my call from Amazon and they said it was multiple people accessing the account. I explained that I have multiple remote systems in place, and all is me, and they lifted the ban.

I’ve never had a ACD ban and I scan with KODI. I do try to minimize my API calls though by doing selective scanning rather than an entire library scan. I run a post action whenever I add something to my library to do just a scan of that content using JSON/http to the KODI device. Pretty easy to script.

Thank you for the reply, calisro. Glad to hear someone else is successfully doing what I’m trying to do.

How did you mount it on librelec?

Ssh into libreelec, place the rclone app under storage, give it executable permissions, run it with config, go through the rest of the standard scripts you’d have to run with anything else, like rclone mount ACD: /storage/videos/acd. Only thing is that I never got cron to run the mount automatically. I’ll try again next week when my acd Plex is stabilized again.


going to try it on my open elec box…

I got banned several time by Amazon when I was indexing my library in Plex.

Only after my third ban I found out that a setting in Plex was configured wrong. It was generating thumbnails for all my files (which is basically downloading my whole library one-by-one to get a thumbnail). After I disabled that setting I never had any trouble again. Maybe Kodi is also doing some sort of thumbnail generating?

It’s possible. I have seen some screen shots there. I’m not sure if they came from some online source or from the video itself.

kodi downloads metadata and images from scrapers instead.

Multiple mounts on different remote locations, led to an acd ban for me as well. I think amazon is getting really sensitive when it comes to concurrent access from different places/machines over a period of time.

My solution for now, is mounting it at one single point and distribute it via nfs.

Yes I have found this as well. I explained to them that I am an IT pro and as such I need to access it all over the globe from different servers sometimes within minutes. They said they were going to mark me as a heavy user. We’ll see if that resolves the issues.