Keep sync two Minio Bucket

I have the two minio s3 deployments in my prod environment. And one of the this minio has a bucket named japs which has almost 82 million objects in it (2.2 TiB). And i want to keep sync the bucket japs in A side with the bucket in the B side. The actual bucket is in use in our prod environment so its content keep changing. How can i do it with using rclone?

Bucket JAPS                                        Bucket JAPS_MIRROR
------------------                              -------------------------------
Minio A          | ------------sync-----------> |  Minio B
------------------                              -------------------------------

hello and welcome to the forum,

need to create two rclone remotes, one for each minio server.
then run a command such as
rclone sync "MinioA:JAPS" "MinioB:JAPS_MIRROR --dry-run

Does this command copy new files uploaded to the source after it's run?

each time rclone sync is run, rclone will sync the source to the dest.

if you want to sync again, need to run rclone sync again.

Ok i got it, thank you!

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