Keep revisions (cloud-archive)

I want to copy my files from office 365 and set them in a cloud archive from OVH. I have two question about it.
Is it possible to use rclone to copy to OVH, I guess yes since I have seen this article ( and the second question. Office 365 keeps revisions of a specific file. I also want to keep in in ovh cloud-archive. What commando do use (and is there a command for it?).

Okay I found this one :slight_smile:

Let’s say I want to keep the files in the backup folder (for a year or something).
By day what command do I need to use in a shell script :slight_smile:

rclone sync /path/to/local remote:current --backup-dir remote:%date&


we don’t currently expose the revisions in onedrive, however as yo’ve discovered you can use --backup-dir to keep your own revisions provided you run the backup regularly.

you want something like this. Set up two remotes one called o365 and one called ovh (say)

rclone sync o365: ovh:bucket/current --backup-dir ovh:bucket/`date -I`

This will create directories with dates like 2018-09-04 to store the changed files in.

Thank you very much for your reply