Keep Information about remote for later use after closing

If the rclone instance is the only instance who is writing to the remote, it would be great to have an option to tell rclone. Because everytime we remount dropbox it takes ages to finish running rclone rc vfs/refresh and while doing it we r running into api limits which let the whole vfs freeze for min. 5 min.

So it would be great to keep that information for the next start. Even better would be to write an info file to the remote and rclone automaticly checks on start, if an other instance has written to the remote, while this instance was down. Instead there was nobody else writing to the remote, alle the information about the remote from last run is then still up to date and could be used for a fast remount.

There already are a number of feature requests out there for a persistent metadata cache, but it's not done yet.

That's generally because your TPS limits are too high. You want to throttle it to 12 and just be patient.

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