Jottacloud now in beta :-)

Thanks to @buengese we now have a Jottacloud backend.

You can find this in the latest beta in about 30 mins time.

The docs are here:

Please give it a go!




That sounds really great, I hope it won’t be another one (service) to bite the dust :smile:

Can anybody say how much they have stored without jottacloud making a fuss?

Awesome, I just wanted to move my files from Google Drive to Jottacloud.
Currently running a small (Scaleway) VPS with the latest beta and already synced 700 GB without a hitch!



@olihey: What are the advantages of jottacloud in comparison to google drive?

I have like 8 TB of data and currently using Google Drive with just 1 user which is normally limited to 1 TB but Google does not enforce this limit. With Jottacloud I get a real unlimited storage, although there are reports about a 10 TB soft limit which is still enough for me. Meaning I don’t have to fear that Google might delete my account due misuse.
Also I like the service and get decent speed even though it seems that the upload speed per file is capped at 2 MB/s so I do 12 transfers in parallel at the moment to saturate my 200 MBit/s VPS when moving the files.
And 7,50 Euro per month (or 6,25 Euro if you pay for an entire year) is cheaper than 8 Euro I pay for google.
Only thing I don’t like is the missing local encryption but I luckily have rclone for that :wink:

But I only decided on this yesterday, so I actually very new to Jottacloud


I think Jottacloud just broke rclone (probably can be easily fixed):

Failed to copy: Error 400: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Upload without md5 no longer supported. Use header JMd5. (Bad Request)

Holy cow, I have exactly the same problem and just posted a issue on github

Thanks for doing the work :slight_smile:

Let’s see if this is the beginning of the end…

Sweet! :grin: I have free Jotta (or it’s a rebrand by the ISP Get, but it’s basically the same thing1) with my subscription. My go to is Google Drive, but it does not hurt to have a second option.

1 Or the official Jotta client worked until they put in a custom check to force you to use the rebranded one if you logged in with a ISP username.

Is it possible to transfer files directly between Google Drive and Jotta?

rclone can do a transfer direct yes, but it will stream the data via your computer. So you could rent a cloud server briefly if you had a lot of data to transfer.

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Aha, so an FXP style transfer is not possible. Bummer.

Some important fixes went into Jottacloud recently so I recommend upgrading to the latest beta if you haven’t already!

Very good news!
Also interesting to see there is a pull request implementing the new API with OpenID/OAuth authentication. Have you tested it enough to see if it will give substantial improvements in pure upload performance (when no resume/deduplication is in effect)?
Thanks to @buengese and @olihey.