JottaCloud missing from config

I have just upgraded my OS to Ubuntu 18.04 and installed rclone v1.36. Under my previous Ubuntu installation (16.04) I used rclone to access my Jottacloud storage; worked like a charm! However, it stopped working after the upgrade: "Failed to create file system for “Jotta-sync:”: didn’t find filing system for “jottacloud”. rclone config did find the existing remote from my old rclone.conf file. I then deleted the old remote entry and selected New remote to install Jottacloud anew. There I see that Jottacloud is no longer listed! This despite the fact that the online documentation still lists it as a supported storage.
Did I miss or forget something, or is Jottacloud no longer supported? Is there a workaround?

You need to install the current version of rclone as 1.36 is like 2 years old and Jotta cloud wasn’t in that version.

Thanks! I installed the latest version from the rclone site and all is well. The real lesson is again that Ubuntu tends to have ancient versions of software on their repositories. I should have known better!

I’d say the problem is that the cloud storage industry is very fast moving!

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