Jottacloud crypt remote and large files failing constanly


I have Google Drive and Jottacloud accounts which I keep in sync.

Usually I upload to gdrive, which is faster, and then put Jottacloud to sync with it a leave it alone until it finishes.

At least since the token thing with JC, I am unable to upload reasonably large files (+300 MB) to JC if I try to sync from crypt to crypt

If I do “rclone sync gdrivecrypt: jottacloudcrypt:” large files fail to upload with a “connection forcibly closed by remote host” after a while, which can be maybe from 50 to 300 MB. Same thing happens when uploading from a local HDD to a JC encrypted remote.

As both encrypted remotes share the same password and salt and I’m using --no-update-modtime, I can just sync both raw remotes. When I do that, files get normally uploaded, with very few failed transfers.

So I think that there is a problem with the encrypted remotes in JC. Is that possible?

Rclone shouldn’t be data dependent.

I guess the only difference is that rclone will use local disk space for making the MD5SUM on crypt to crypt but won’t for raw to raw.

I can’t think how that might affect things, but it might give you a clue to go on!

Hej, what version of rclone are you using? Normally rclone should pick up up the uploads to JC if they get interrupted.
I am doing an local -> crypt -> jottacloud sync and never had any issues.

It might also be helpful to manually break the files into chunks (using split on linux and something similar on windows) and dealing with large files that way? That would also mean that you could resume uploads quite easily, since each chunk is synchronized independently (and doesn’t rely on server-side support for resuming large-file uploads).

@chiraag The jottacloud remote has upload resume functionality, when an upload gets interrupted the next time rclone will pick up where it left of the last time. Pretty neat for HUGE file :slight_smile: and no need to split them up.

@AMaiden Would be great to have full logs for such an error occurrence.

@olihey Sure. -vv and --log-file=whatever will be enough?

I’m using 1.47, BTW.

Oh, cool! Yeah, I work with B2, which has large file support, but I decided it was probably easier for me to chunk it myself (it also means I get parallel upload of chunks - idk if that’s also true with jottacloud large files).

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