Jottacloud can't be used from two machines with rclone 1.46

Since Jottacloud now uses tokens with 1.46, two machines cannot upload anymore together because the second machine’s token generation causes the first machine’s token to be invalidated.

Gen a token on machine A & start upload
do the same on the second machine

Notice that you will start getting 401 unauthorized errors on machine 1 as soon as you generated the token on machine 2.

Would it be possible to get the user/pass method back as a fallback? Or did I miss something and a second token is somehow supported?

Are you copying the config from A -> B?

Hi Nick, no I didn’t do that yet but will try to see if it makes a difference. I always used the wizard so far to either create a new config or let the token refresh after I got a 401 error.

Whenever I refresh the token on one of the machines, the second machine gets 401 errors.

I checked both config files:

  • access_token is different
  • refresh_token is identical up to the first dot, then differs
  • expiry is different

Maybe it’s just that Jotta doesn’t allow multiple tokens to be active at once?

Maybe important: Machine A is a NAS at home, machine B is a vserver so the IP that Jotta sees differs.

I tried to copy the token from Machine B (currently uploading data) to machine A now and so far it is running fine?! Everything I know security wise, it should be the exact opposite :smile: An identical token coming from a second IP should be rejected to prevent that tokens can be stolen whereas a fresh token should work.

I forgot: I have a machine C with a third IP also uploading, but it’s running rclone 1.45 with stored user/pass, this machine is not affected at all and is running since several days.

Strange, maybe this was just a temporary glitch at jottacloud?

Hi, unfortunately not, the problems appeared after some hours again, I assume that the token expired, as soon as both machines refreshed their tokens one of them was unauthorized again.

I downgraded every machine but one now to 1.45 to be able to have multiple machines uploading.

I think it would be worth you writing up your experiences on this issue, then the other developers will see too.

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There is a fix for this problem scheduled for the 1.47 release. You can try it out by using the latest beta from here:

You have to re-create your remote. During the setup process you will be asked if you want to use rclone with Jottacloud on more than one machine. Answer with YES and a specific clientID/secret just for this machine will be created. This also means you can’t share that rcone.conf

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