Issue With RClone Mount and Resilio Sync

bummer -> files=0

the good news is that i did get resilio to connect to the rclone mount without permissions errors.

Remove the vfs-cache-mode flag and you will probably see the permissions error.

yes, i am aware of that.

but have you been able to get resiliio to accept the rclone mount and show a status as a green checkmark and connect to a peer?

Pretty sure I did once I connected another machine to the shared folder.

I'll confirm in a bit. I have some stuff copying right now so I can't restart the mount.

You should be able to use WinFSP options directly with rclone mount so -o uid=UID etc.

You use can use --fuse-flag to pass whole flags to WinFSP, eg --fuse-flag -WinFSPFlag causes -WinFSPFlag to be passed to WinFSP.

You can use --option or -o to pass options to WinFSP as above, so if you pass -o UID=123 to rclone then it gets passed to WinFSP as -o UID=123

Between them you should be able to access all the WinFSP extra features.

thanks for the reply.

can you answer the above question:
why are there two of uid=?
what does the -1 signify?

so which of the followint are valid?
--option "uid user01"
--option uid=user01

-1 means the current user according to the note in the source code!

Rclone doesn't remove its uid=-1 if you put one in yourself, maybe it should...

Can you try this? (uploaded in 15-30 mins)

They'll probably all work! I'd use --option uid=user01 or -o uid=user01

Rclone mount for my shared team drive of 500tb is taking forever to mount and then fails.

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Rclone mount for my common group drive of 500tb is taking everlastingly to mount and afterward fizzles

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