Issue with excludes.txt

Hi all,

My excludes.txt has two entries:




The first is respected, but the second is not and rclone continually refuses to 'skip/exclude' (no-delete)-.

Can anyone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Best start is to fill out the help template and share that information.

Latest rclone - not sure what else is relevant to the syntax of an excludes.txt :slight_smile:

The whole help and support template is relevant. Please just be helpful and fill it out.

What is your rclone version: 1.53.2

Which OS you are using and how many bits: Windows 10

Which cloud storage system are you using: Google Drive

What command are you running?

Can you share the command with a debug log?

Sorry - rclone copy K:\ gcrypt:docs --fast-list --ignore-case --size-only --checkers 6 --transfers 6 --max-transfer 745G --exclude-from H:\rclone\excludes.txt -P

Can you share the debug log?

You can run a rclone ls with -vv rather than doing a copy.

Try rclone ls K:\ --exclude-from H:\rclone\excludes.txt and see whether rclone excludes the files you want excluded.

If not then post the file names that didn't get excluded here as shown by the above and we can help you.

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