Issue after syncing from remote to remote

I synced all of my local files to a crypted ACD from my personal computer. Then, I used a google VM to transfer from my crypted ACD remote to my crypted GD remote. I used the same passwords in config for both remotes.

Now back on my personal machine I can read/see all my crypted GD files perfectly, download them, etc. However, when I try to sync or copy from my PC to my crypted GD remote, it wants to rewrite the files!

How is it I can use ls or lsd and see the files fine, and when I use the check command against my local it gives no errors, but if I try to copy or sync to my crypted GD remote it wants to replace every file like they’re different than my local?

Does anyone know what I may be doing wrong? Thanks.

The problem will be that acd doesn’t support modification times, but google drive does. So when you copied from local -> acd the modtimes got reset, and when you try to sync to gd it notices.

Does rclone actually upload the files? I would have thought it would just update the modification time?

Yes rclone uploads the file completely again displaying ‘*****: Copied (replaced existing)’

I’m not too bothered anymore, two days ago I just began reuploading everything from local to gd replacing every file. Is there any way I could avoid this issue in the future? Would I have the same issue regarding modification time if my remotes were reversed, ex. I uploaded local > gd, then gd > acd, then local > acd?

rclone sync acd: gdrive: should match same times for folder & files on destination but that not the case for existing files.
Also folders have completely other dates