Is using Rclone for local HDD to local HDD copy OK? thx

I am copying 2 TB of files.
Can I use rclone copy D:\ E:\ ?
(I never used rsync, but heard rclone is rsync for cloud?)

that 2TB files used to be OK with beyond compare 4 with truecrypt.

now I am copying them to a cppcryptfs encrypted folder,
they work thru “dokany”.

and seems now not working well with BC4

rclone however seems working OK.

(i will double verify checksum after copy,
using BC4 or rclone).

btw, rclone IGNOREs empty folder is really hurting.

Is it really will be corrected in future releases?
I worry this may act against the “philosphy” behind rclone and thus wont be corrected.

Thank you.

Yes and rclone will check the checksums of files as they get transferred and preserve the modification time.

Yes this will be corrected, hopefully for the next release!

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