Is there unencrypted data on a file system while caching?

First of all, thank you for your marvelous program. :slight_smile:

I searched hard and could not find answers on two questions:

  1. When I mount an encrypted drive and it uses cache, is the cache also encrypted? Will caching leave unencrypted traces of my data on a file system?

  2. I have found that The password is stored in the config file is lightly obscured so it isn’t immediately obvious what it is. It is in no way secure unless you use config file encryption How to encrypt a config file in rclone? It seems that google does not know the answer. :confused:

  1. If you are using GD->Cache->Decrypt. You are caching encrypted chunks so that should be no issue.

  2. I think this is what you are asking ->

Thank you for being fast on responding!

Sorry, but I do not understand where to search for GD->Cache->Decrypt :roll_eyes: Do you have any link?

Ok, I see now. The option “Set configuration password” actually means “Encrypt configuration file” :grinning:

Yes, link is here:

I’m still not sure as you asked about encrypting the config file. Is that not what you wanted?