Is there any way to print out transferred files on the console?

In a nutshell:

rsync -P
prints out one line per transferred file. The last line (auto updated) is the currently transferred file.

rclone -P
It seems to somehow loose the transferred history and display the header (very informative and somehow reports Transferred: which is already something) and the current transfer only.

I was wondering if there a way to run rclone -P in a rsync -P way. This might occasionally turn out to be very helpful.
P.S. I know I can log the transfer but my question is revolving about console output.
Thanks :slight_smile:

rsync != rclone

So the flags aren't going to line up.

You can use something -P if you want console progress.

I use

--stats-one-line -v

and that gives me what I want anyway, but I drop that in a log file as I'm never watching the console as things run in the background.

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