Is there any way to perform move/rename actions on multiple drives simultaneously?

I have one main GDrive account that is daily/weekly synced on two others just for backup.
Sometimes when I mount (on Windows) the main account and do some changes like moving files and folders, I would like to have a way to perform these actions on the backup drives simultaneously.
Because if I move a folder with many files to some other folder for example, when I do rclone sync for the backup drives, it will start copying again all those files.

So is there any way to perform the move/rename actions (while mounting on Windows) at the same time on all drives?

If you aren’t using crypt then --track-renames will move stuff about when you do the sync - that might help?

I use --track-renames but AFAIU it works only if the file hasn’t been moved to another folder (it makes sense though, because rclone would have to check the hash of all files in a remote).

I was thinking about an implementation like
rclone multimount --sync-renames --sync-moves GDrive1: GDrive2: GDrive3:
that would perform the rename/move actions on all remotes. If a file didn’t exist for some reason on a remote it would log a NOTICE or WARNING.

What it would do is to execute an action multiple times, each time for a different remote.

I’m not sure if anyone else agrees that this would be a useful feature.

If not then maybe I would suggest an extra flag like --track-full-renames that it would check the hash of all the files in the destination to track the renames; but I think that would require much time/resources.

I don’t know much about Go language, but to my simple mind it doesn’t seem very difficult to make it repeat a write/move/rename action multiple times on different remotes at the same time.

It should work even if the file is moved to another folder. It tracks them on hashes. However if you are using crypt then it won’t work at the moment.

You mean it won’t work on a crypted remote, or even with files that are encrypted from a crypt remote?

It won’t work on a crypted remote. If backing up the crypted files elsewhere then it will work if I understand your meaning.

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