Is there any way to limit transfers today over a bunch of transfers?

Is there any way to limit bandwidth over a 24 hr period over a bunch of transfers?

I know I can use the bwlimit flag, but thats per transfer.

I have a script that runs each hour.

If not, and quick way to calculate it from the logs?

I have an edu account, so i have no access to the dashboards etc. Just a user.


bwlimit is across multiple transfers not per transfer. Its for the entire session.

Are you meaning across multiple rclone executions? You can't do that. You could potentially though use rclone rcd though and then execute your transfers against the one session perhaps.

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Yes executions is a better word for it.....

If my script runs on the hour, it might upload 0, or 2gb, or 300gb

Any way to log JUST bandwidth?

I could delete the log each night at say 12pm, and add it up through the day

What you can do, is use rcd.

Something like this:
rclone rcd --bwlimit --rc-user=xxx --rc-pass=xxx

Then you can fire off executions against it:
rclone rc --rc-user=xxx --rc-pass=xxx sync/move srcFs=/data/ dstFs=robgs:/

Depending on what you're doing that may or may not work for you.

Otherwise you're kinda stuck calculating it on your own.

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You;'d have to grep it from the log. so not really.

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