Is there any way to decrypt a folder name?

I’m looking to split up my movies into two folders (one current and one back catalog)

I’d love to do it through my VPS, but I cant tell which one is which as the file names are encrypted.

I have the password, so that’s not problem.

I’m wondering is there is an app that can match up the encrypted name with the decrypted name.

rclone can!

rclone ls $ACD:
rclone ls $ACD:/dir/path/as/deep/as/you/want/to/go

(replace $ACD with your endpoint, make sure to leave the trailing colon)

This app just gets better and better!

I am so so so new with Linux. Infact, I only installed it so I could use rclone and ditch the dog that was stablebit.

Best thing I have done in a long time!