Is there any way to copy or move data to multiple remotes at once?

I have three google drive accounts. 2 are encrypted, and one isn’t

Looking to move the data from my seedbox to all three remotes.

Because they are all google, someone has suggested that the command rclone copy gdrive1: gdrive2: is still being treated as server side, and I am getting a 403 ban.

Rather than copy to remote1, then remote2, then move to remote 3, is there any way to move (or copy) to all three at once?

Or a script that will automate what I am trying to do?

I might shift it through my dropbox I guess…

Weird you should not getting banned for that, Iam doing regular syncs gdrive1: gdrive2: and never caused bans.

What command are you using, if you dont mind me asking?

This is the script Iam running on my sync server, if you plan to use it dont forget to remove:

rclone cat acdcrypt:/tmp/syncit >/dev/null 2>&1
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then

My main download server on every rclone move also upload syncit file and sync server is basically running script bellow every 10 minutes and if file exist the sync will start.

p.s. Since i have 2 more high traffic server connected to ACD the initial sync to gdrive is limited to 50M since i got few acd bans with having 3 servers doing high bandwith.

Just waiting for the ban to expire and i’ll try it with a 50M limit

My ban was on Amazon, for google if you suspect syncs/copies then rather change transfers and checkers, the less files concurrently accessed on google the better.

just start multiple copies of rclone copy. with the same source, parameters and the same starting time, they should finish around the same time and yield about the same result on each remote. i would still do a rclone sync gdrive1 -> gdrive2 -> gdrive3 periodically.
and yes, google locks drives for outgoing traffic. I usually get my ban around 10 TB transferred out at 1.5 Gbps (~15 hours).