Is there any way to copy files to 2 places at once?

Just wondering if there is any way to copy files to two different destinations at the same time?

you can sync two different target in the same way as you sync your local drive to the cloud.

But if I have 2 google drive accounts can I do like this:

rclone copy local drivea:/ driveb/

the rclone syntax does not allow to do what you are asking for.
You can write a script \ batch file that copy your source to two different target issuing two or more rclone sync command

I wonder if its better to sync local to drive a, and local to drive b,

or synch local to drive a, and then drive a to drive b?

If you use rclone sync local gdrivea:/ then
rclone sync gdrivea:/ gdriveb:/

The second operation should take place on googles servers if you share the folder between gdrivea and gdriveb

I should be sharing it first?

That’s what I do, I share from gdrivea to gdriveb and then in gdriveb add to my drive then sync

rclone sync gdriveb:/shared-folder/ gdriveb:/Media/