Is there any downside by having 4 rclone remotes combined 1 in single mergerfs mount point?

I have a dropbox account with 4 teamdrives (folders) and each folder is mounted with its one rclone remote (with its own dorpbox api token).
I did it that way so I can minimize the API calls when scanning content via Plex/Jellyfin but now I think it wasn't necessarily because I perform partial library scans only.

Currently I combine those 4 remotes into one single mount point via mergerfs.

I was just wondering if having 4 remotes combined in 1 single mergerfs mount point would be detrimental to the performance. Would it be better to use just 1 rclone emote for my 4 dropbox team folders?

Only way is to test it using your typical workload and observing performance.

Adding more indirection will typically reduce performance. The questions are

  1. what are your perf requirements?
  2. why does rclone's merge behavior not work?


To be honest I always had several rclone remotes combined into one mount point with mergerfs.

First it was just two remotes, then three and now I was going to do it with a fourth one I paused and thought..
'Will I be losing too much performance by doing so even if I don't notice?'

By combining 4 remotes into one single mount point I was mainly worried about a possible increase on the download/upload speeds that could make the Plex experience worst and lead me to think that Dropbox and not my setup is the issue. Maybe it's absurd to have that worry but I'm a noob so...

I thought the CPU/RAM usage won't change much. I could compare the usage with htop just in case

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