Is there a way to see the upload quota

I see in the documentation that you can run rclone about remote: to see the quota for a remote, but is it possible to see the upload quota?

For what remote? For GD, sadly, no.

Yes for GD, Ive started tinkering with some vcpus in google cloud and the network is rather impressive and with no egress charges for writing to a gsuite drive with a google cloud computer … definitely need a brake :wink:

You can set the bwlimit down so you only upload 700GB or so a day and keep it constantly going.

That seems to be the best method for seeding if you are trying to get a large amount up.

I like that idea, since it still give me wiggle room, and opens up the possibility to automate shutting down the instance once the limit has been reached.

The only problem I see with this approach after reading up on bwlimit is that I’m using preemptible instances ( example 16 cores with 60GB of ram is .16 per hour vs .533) and the google’s system reaches the quota for current data within 2-4hrs. So I don’t really want to instance to slow down the bandwidth since currently it’s about .64 cents for how I use it vs $3.84 if it runs the entire day due to it capping it’s upload speed

And with a little more reading it looks like --max-transfer would fit my usecase :wink: