Is there a way to make cryptcheck under -vv repeat a list of found errors at the end of the process?

Is there a way to make cryptcheck under -vv repeat a list of found errors at the end of the process?
so I ran cryptcheck to my terminal, and after roughly 20,000 lines saying okay, the final summary said there were 16 errors. It didn’t list those errors though, presumably 1000s of lines previously it did mention them once when they occurred.
I wanted to read these errors though, my work around right now is to output to a file, that way I can more easily search for those errors after running the command.

Sorry if this has a flag, I scanned the list of flags and didn’t really see anything that would do exactly what I wanted.

It doesn’t have a flag at the moment sorry!

You’ll have to grep the log for the time being.

I found my missing errors in the log. It’s kinda bad news for the usability of cryptcheck for me. There were no errors. cryptcheck was treating missing files in the source location as errors.

See I had wanted to do rclone (copy/move) --checksum localfiles: cryptedremote:
This wasn’t possible.
So I decided to try rclone copy localfiles: cryptedremoted:
rclone cryptcheck localfiles: cryptedremoted:
manual delete of localfiles:

The thing is though that cryptcheck is really designed to pair with rclone sync not move.
As I merge sources of backups together cryptcheck is going to generate 1000s of errors I don’t care about at all. Additionally I assume rclone cryptcheck is probably wasting it’s api request limit downloading nonces for remote files that I don’t even have local copies of?

Possible fixes would be… add a flag to cryptcheck --ignore-missing-local-files
At least so that when there are no errors I care about I get to see the 0 errors that makes rclone overall so satisfying to use. At best also skip those nonces?

Another thought though, does this mean that cryptcheck will not check the destination for missing files? because that’s one thing I actually would want it to check, as I merge various local encrypted sources into one crypted cloud copy of all my backups.

So yeah, cryptcheck has too much in common with rclone check for my tastes, given that cryptcheck is the only replacement for --checksum on crypted remotes it needs IMO to not only replace rclone check but also rclone (all) --checksum.

There is an issue about this: would this suit your use case:

I don’t think it does - it will notice one of the files is missing before downloading the nonce.

It will check the destination for missing files.

ahh, I see someone already thought of this idea, of course.

oh hey, I had an idea.
use something like:
find “sourcefolder” -type f -o -exec rclone cryptcheck {} “destination folder” ;
To combine this problem with this solution:

That looks like it would work… It will be a bit inefficient but not too bad!