Is there a way to log into an HTPP server?


They all exist. I think that what’s happening is that the server is throttling, as even the homepage is giving 404 right now when I have the open connections. It seems like there’s a limit to the number of connections?

I’m also getting the socket error, socket: too many open files, even though my socket count is listed as unlimited.

I’ve set everything to 1, rclone sync --progress --retries 10 --cache-rps 1 --checkers 1 --max-backlog 1 --transfers 1 remote:A/, and this seems to be working better.



Hmm, that means there is a socket leak in rclone…

Any chance you could run it for a while then kill it with SIGQUIT - that is CTRL-\ - rclone will print a backtrace - that is usually enough info to work out where the socket leak is.

If you want to slow stuff down --tps-limit is a good choice too.


Actually I think I figured out where the socket leak was coming from - it was to do with those 404 errors.

Here is another beta with that fixed (uploaded in 15-30 mins)