Is rclone too much for my needs?

Hi, I am a normal user who has been looking at different cloud providers and they privacy. I came across people recommending a cheap way to backup your files via the cloud is to use something like rclone to encrypt the files and use a provider such as google.

Having said that, all I am after is storing around 100GB of immutable data, would rclone be to much for my needs, since I do not require features such as mounting or syncing rather just a way to encrypt my files before they are uploaded to the cloud. Or would rcloud be perfect in this scenario, since the process would be quite straightforward due to the simplicity of what I am after?

Thank You.

hello and welcome to the forum,

rclone crypt does a couple of things.

  1. encrypt data using a password and salt.
  2. optionally encrypt the filenames and directories.

rclone works with many cloud providers, so learn rclone once and use it again and again.

for example,
if you create a crypt in gdrive, then decide you want use to cheap aws s3 deep glacier, you can simple copy the crypted files to aws. in other words, the crypted data is independent of the cloud provider.

rclone has a flag for that
i upload veeam backups files to cloud, need to be sure that cloud files do not change
so i rclone copy --immutable

and we have a helpful forum of experts ready to help.


Thank you for the reply, was exactly what I was after, much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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