Is rclone suitable to create local gdrive backups, converting to ms-formats?

Hi! Trying to figure out if rclone is the right tool for the job I need done before I look further into it. I am certainly no programmer, so that would require quite a bit of time and effort. Hence I hope it's ok that I ask here first!

I want to back up the contents of my gdrive ( < 200 GB) locally (Win 10 system), converting google "files" (docs, sheets and slides) to ms-files in the process.

At first look it seems like rclone could accomplish this, as well as converting ms-files back to google ones if later uploading backup to gdrive?

Incremental backup of only changed files to newest versions would be preferable.

Setting up automatic backups would be nice but I'd be ok running them manually.

I do see quite a few posts on this forum mentioning traffic limits/bans/throttles etc., but am not really competent enough to judge if this affects the feasibility of what I want to do.

If necessary backing up ONLY - but ALL, without having to select them manually ofc - files of the desired type, converting them to ms-files could work as well.

I could set up another backup solution for the local (mirrored) gdrive folder to cover other file types - but have not found any that will convert google to ms-formats, so they would not really be backed up this way (as I have found out the hard way once before..)

So, before I spend a lot of time and energy figuring out rclone - is it suitable for this?

If not, any other suggestions?

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Yeap. It all sounds like doable. Even though 200GB is not massive amount of data (so you should not suffer with various Google quotas) but start with some small subset and experiment a bit before you build solution you like.

As a first step create you gdrive remote using custom client_id/secret. This is always advisable not to use default ones.

And then just try to play with it.

Thanks, I'll do that!

And yes, I'll certainly try it on a separate Google account using test data first. :slight_smile:

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