Is Rclone Slow?

I'm not looking to start a support case necessarily, but why is rclone a lot slower than regular copy/paste operations? if i do an rclone sync from drive A to B of 4 30GB files, and then do the exact same thing by copying the 4 30GB files, copy/paste will go a LOT faster than rclone. is that expected behavior?

same thing is true when doing upload to a cloud remote (OneDrive Business in this case). we've got 250mbps fiber internet, yet rclone will be uploading files nice and slowly at about 30-40 mbps on the very high end. the only way to get full use out of our bandwidth is to split the sync into 4 or 5 rclone instances. just wondering if that's known behavior..

Best way to get some help is to use the help and support template as it collects all the information you are asking about and helps folks answer your question.

Your question is liking asking generally is the Internet slow? It really doesn't have an answer as rclone can be fast or slow depending on OS, cloud provider, configuration you are using, commands you are using, your configuration, your hardware, your location vs your cloud remote, etc.

I see many posts saying rclone is slow. I see many posts saying rclone is saturating all my bandwidth. So which is the right answer? :slight_smile:

there's a forum entry here explaining why my OneDrive Business uploads are slow.. but still not why the local sync operations are slow.

i guess i was mostly curious as to whether this was expected behavior. if i can't figure out anything i'll post a support request. thanks for the reply :smirk:

So to your point though, that's OneDrive being slow and nothing to do with rclone.

@Harry is the MS guy as he's got a lot of experience there so he might chime in.

As for an example, Google's API only allows you to create 2-3 files per second so doing lots of small files is bad there and nothing to do with rclone really.

It depends on the remote, your use case and lots and lots of settings.

Depending on what you are doing, another setup/remote might be a better fit.