Is rclone + gsuite + enc a good way to go?

Good evening rclone forum,

I’ve read that some gdrive accounts got banned. Are there any news why they were banned?
I’ve a gsuite account and use rclone with it. So I’m wondering now if my setup get’s also banned maybe?
Should I create my own client_id and client_secret or is it good to go with the rclone ones If I’m a decent user (Adding here and there some 5-20GB).

Would be great to hear some of your experiences.

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The fixed price gsuite accounts people were buying on ebay were the ones that got shut down.

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They broke the Terms of Service because they were purchased from resellers illegally.

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The only gdrive users who recently got banned are those who bought their gdrive account from ebay. Obviously, if you got one of those, expect your gdrive will be closed one of these days if its still not ban.

All legit gdrive users (who pays for monthly gsuite or legit edu users) are not affected.

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Thank you guys. Then I think I have nothing to worry about.

Any experiences about the rate limit? Am I good to go with the client_id from rclone or should I get an own one? Recommendations? :slight_smile:

Own if youre a heavy user. rclone client id is share by all who dont use one.

i moved everything from acd to gsuite…

and i’m amazed at the way it streams… large test files that used to eventually choke acd (like 40gbs)
stream instantly/perfectly on gdrive…

i’m just trying to sort out a mount that will let me update my huge library without the api ban…

plexdrive worked to update the libraries without banning… but playback was flaky… those 40gb files would only play like 5 secs…

switched to ocamlfuse last night and its working perfectly… (it just seems to be caching too much…like 100s of gbs! downloading 100mbs when i scan new library forever)

have to see if there is a verbose command (i get no feedback) and a way to limit/control the caching ? : ) : (

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