Is my union mount necessary?


So since I began using rclone, I always used a form of Union mount for locally (recently added) and remotely stored files, first on mac, now on windows.
But in the end I am wondering if I shouldn't just copy any downloaded/created file directly straight into a simple rclone mount.
With an upload speed (which actually works way better than the download link), of 500Mbps, uploading a file is pretty much the same as copying it to a drive.

Using nssm (after having too many troubles with rclone on mac) means my mount is easily up all the time.

So should I really bother with a union mount that costs performance and functionalities (polling interval not working for example) ?

Thanks for any enlightened opinion on the subject.

Based on your upload speed it doesn't look like you need the union for the local storage. One thing I would test before removing the union, is reliability when there's a problem (connection drop/rclone stops) when you're in the middle of uploading a file to a direct mount.

Thanks for taking the time to answer this :slight_smile:

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