Is it safe/reliable to Reboot server during rclone move data to GDrive?

I noticed that randomly once in 24 hours I get notification of GDrive mount end point is not connected. For some reason rclone mount failed to keep connection alive maybe?
This happens when rclone move was in the middle of moving folders and files. I reboot the server and everything was sort of fine again… rclone move resume its operation and I can see GDrive mounted properly again.

My question: what happened to the files/folders that rclone was in the middle of moving and then GDrive gets disconnected and then I rebooted the server ?
IS the end result I will have corrupted files on GDrive or 0 Byte files?

GDrive supports server side moves, so I don’t think rebooting your machine plays any role. If rclone sends the move command, it will move server side, if it doesn’t it won’t.

Hopefully you are using rclone move straight to drive, not to the mount? If so then you should be fine - rclone move will make sure not to delete files that haven’t been transferred.

I don’t recommend doing it via the mount as it doesn’t have the same retry mechanisms that rclone move does.

yes it was rclone move from local drive straight to GDrive, not to the mount. i can confirm it is reliable however i found few big files have having 0 bytes that was moved in the moment the server hangs before it gets turned off.
it was a time when swap, ram, cpu was in full utilization so i had to dirty reboot the server.

just to clarify, i didnt move it to the mount. i use rclone and plexdrive independently.
plexdrive is to mount read only as it has faster read access than rclone.
rclone is to move stuff only.

just a feature suggestion:

rclone may want to check whether a file is truncated or not. for example: i had wrong setting on my torrent that it downloads directly to a folder rclone monitor to move to GDrive. since torrent app allocate the space at early time, rclone thinks that it find a new file and keep uploading it. so it keeps uploading(moving) empty 1GB file.
once the torrent finished downloading, rclone actually tried again to do the same thing, but with the actual full sized file.
it is easy fix from torrent side to only move the file once it is done downloading. but i thought rclone whould do some check before it copy/move the file.

It would be nice if there was an easy way to tell if a file was in use by another process, but there isn’t a cross platform way of doing that as far as I know.