Is it possible to use rclone mount for p2p sharing?

Hi there,

I use rclone at work for managing s3 buckets and at home for mounting my music collection (which lives in Google Drive) and playing it on DJ software. This works pretty well, despite some larger FLAC files taking a bit to load (still miles ahead of Google Drive's utility which is awfully slow).

I also use a p2p software for discovering/downloading/sharing music. I'd like to know if there's any way at all of successfully sharing my rclone mount directory on such software, so people could download my files. Granted, I'm able to select it as a shared folder, but it appears empty for other users.

If that's not possible with Google Drive, but is with another storage service I'd be interested in that too as I might study changing providers to get this working.

Thanks for your attention!

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