Is it possible to upload files after mount automatically?

I'm using Nextcloud as front-end and Rclone with Google Drive as the file storage. When I upload a file it goes to the data/user/files folder in Nextcloud's structure.

I'm using Rclone to mount the files folder and have synced it with GDrive just fine. But if Rclones somehow fails (or because Google API limit or any other problem that may happen), can I still use this folder and upload files to it, and then have it synced with Google Drive later?

I tried to but it seems it can only sync empty folders, and --allow-non-empty argument doesn't seem to fit since it will just ignore the files inside it.

Hmm, if rclone isn't able to upload things to google drive, then I'd expect the mount to be giving errors at that point.

If you use the latest beta with --vfs-cache-mode writes rclone will cache uploads for later sending but you will need an on disk cache too.

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