Is it possible to show which remote was used with eprand in Union?

So.... was there a way to show which remote was used when in a union using eprand ?

I have multiple gdrive remotes and i just want to make sure its working sending to random ones all the time

-vv doesn't show which remote was used


This would be nice to know wouldn't it? However there isn't a way of showing this at the moment.

Maybe some extra debug messages showing which backend was selected would be the easiest way.

Yes that would be absolutely awesome..

So let me just ask, if I mount a union with eprand on create policy, each time it writes it will pick a remote at random is that correct ???

Or does it pick one just once when mounting ?


That is correct. Each transfer random remote.

Can you please make a new issue on github on GitHub and we can put it on the TODO list. Can you link the issue to this forum page too - thanks :slight_smile:

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