Is it possible to set folders with proper dates on

The rclone /docs/ says

Modified time and hashes

Box allows modification times to be set on objects accurate to 1 second. These will be used to detect whether objects need syncing or not.

Box supports SHA1 type hashes, so you can use the --checksum flag.

And all my files have the correct date's from the file's original metadata, but all my folders have today's date. I assume that's a limitation of the remote yes? Or is there a workaround someone knows that I do not know, which would preserve the original folder dates?

I'm only asking because it's mildly vague to me when reading the /docs/ page. But, well, I find almost everything on the rclone docs vague because my computer science understanding only processes about 25% of the words on the screen :slight_smile:

No metadata for folders possible today:

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