Is it possible to run rclone cryptcheck on a remote:cache:crypt?

is it possible to run rclone cryptcheck on a remote:cache:crypt?

okay so I have my crypt inside my cache inside google drive inside a subfolder
I can easily lsl and copy using the cache and crypt but when i try to run cryptcheck inside the cache i get errors about invalid directory syntax.
I can simply run the cryptcheck outside of the cache though, since it doesn’t change anything anyways it won’t messup the cached database, but still, this is an odd error to have? is this how it’s supposed to be?

here’s what each error looks like:

2018/04/21 22:14:25 ERROR : worker-2 : failed caching chunk in storage 5242880: open C:\Users\myname\AppData\Loc
al\rclone\cache-backend\cleancache/<folder and filename using / slashes instead of \ >: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax
is incorrect.


The interesting thing here i think is that i’m on windows, the first set of slashes are \ and the second set of slashes are / so maybe that’s what’s causing the error? it does this for each file, so I get 1000s of these errors rapidly, but they’re all the same.

Oh also btw, I think it’s possible I get these errors when the local directory is missing the file. However even if this is true, and things are working fine, “The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.” is the wrong error message, the right error message would be “file missing” which let’s me see the final statement of a cryptcheck 4000errors 4000files missing, everything is fine, OR 4005 errors 4000 files missing, whoops there’s 5 real problems…

edit: another error when cryptchecking my cachecrypt:
2018/04/21 23:19:11 ERROR : filename.ext: Erro
r computing hash: failed to open object to read nonce: file is too short to be e

It should be noted when checking the above file outside the cache it works perfectly and has no error.

This looks like a bug in cache. Cache is known to have a few problems on Windows.

Does the cache work properly otherwise?

Hmm, that looks like a file was read as 0 size for some reason. Probably related to the other errors.

Yeah, cache is working great, I’m not using mount though, because people have said that’s buggy on windows. I’m just using cache for easy lsl commands, and I’m uploading via cache to avoid breaking my db’s freshness.

I have a workaround (cryptcheck outside the cache), but rclone cryptcheck remote:cache:crypt almost always has at least one type of error. Just figured I’d bring it up. Isn’t a big deal.

There are some known oddities with cache on Windows, but as far as I know mount works OK…