Is it possible to fully traverse and sync each subfolder?

Sorry for another noob question, and I may not have worded it properly, but is there a way to get rclone to fully traverse and sync a complete subfolder?

For example I’m backing up my music library. Id rather have only full albums rather than tracks here and there, so this would require finishing a subfolder entirely before moving on. OK, a few could be done at a time but generally the albums would be complete.

Is this possible? I cant even remember if this was possible with rsync.

And its not fully related, but if I’m mounting the Amazon Drive using the rclone mount command - if I copy something into that mounted folder how does it work, does rclone organise the copy in the b/g? Is there any advantage/disadvantage working with it as a mounted FUSE volume rather than just doing it command line?


I can’t answer the first question but the second one about the mount is that from my understanding the rclone mount for Amazon Drive is currently read only. You will not be able to write to it.

Ah, OK, thanks for the info.

rclone will copy folders sequentially, it just may be doing more than one at once… Control the parallelism of this with the --checkers flag, so setting --checkers 1 might be what you want.

rclone doesn’t support write through fuse on ACD at the moment. And even if it did, I’d recommend using rclone to upload files as it will do useful things like retry failures which a FUSE mount wont.

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