Is it possible to decyrpt on S3 server side?

I’ve uploaded 1 TB worth of data to S3. It took me 2 weeks. Is it possible to decrypt everything without having to re-upload?

if your using rclone crypt, then you can just create a new S3 connection not encrypted and do a server side copy from the encrypted S3 to the non encrypted S3.

rlcone copy encS3:/path/to/content S3:/new/path/to/content

And that will do everything server side? BRILLIANT! Thank you!

Now I have to make the decision on if encrypting my S3 backups is worth it or not. I keep worrying that if I lose the key/config then I’m SOL. I figure S3 probably has good enough security…

backup the rclone.conf. it has the key and you can just save the keys in your email, or another cloud

Yeah I have done that. I just get really paranoid I’ll some how lose it. :confused: