Is it possible to copy to two drives?


I know that if you make

Rclone sync ACD: Gdrive:

It download and upload to Gdrive but…

Its possible to do :??

Rclone sync ACD: GDRIVE: GDRIVE2:

Maybe in this way it only download one time and upload to the two clouds.?


Not atm, I open a feature request few months ago and if we get a lot of people requesting it we may get it sooner:

Thanks a lot for your reply :slight_smile:

Assuming you are using OS X or Linux you could always use &&. So something like:

rclone sync ACD: GDRIVE: && rclone sync ACD: GDRIVE2:

&& basically says once the first command is done run the next.

Yes this works but not do
“download -> upload 1 & upload 2”

it makes:
“download -> upload 1” -> “download -> upload 2”

it download 2 times unnecessary

Ahh, good point. For some reason I thought the source was local.

And I agree this would be a good addition.


Well you kind of can do that.

As long as your second source would be GDrive, you can copy those data to as many as GDrive you want without even using any bandwidth.

It’s what I’m doing right now, I have all of my file on one GDrive and then I copy them to another GDrive that I got for testing, I did 60Tb only in one day, on my own computer without even using any bandwidth from my computer.

You can do a server side sync between your gdrive 1 and gdrive 2. just share the volume with gdrive 2 then add it to your library. You’ll technically be syncing gdrive2 to gdrive 2 but the source folder will be the remote shared folder from gdrive1.

I’m finding this post very hard to believe. I can’t imagine this is a feature of rclone. To copy/move data between gdrive accounts you are using bandwidth local to the server where you are running the rclone job.

Thanks both for the replies, I post Gdrive as exemple, but my account are 2 ACD and 1 GDrive

I only want to “clone” to two drives at the same time (reducing the speed between two uploads at the same time of course) but only download one time from the origin.

My response was re: @Danial_Hanafian 's post

Technically you not running anything with this feature, and if you read the document for rclone, it’s called server side copy, which is kind of the same that you go inside the google drive and copy your file, as you can see, it do it for you on the fly, without downloading it to your computer and then reupload it, and rclone here doing the same, it’s just running the copy command for you for each single file, instead of you going into the side and hit the copy button for each single file.