Is it possible to connect to google photos

Hello, Do anyone now if it possible to sync, copy etc… with google photos ?
i’m trying to sync my Nas with google photos. and my nas runs on freenas.
anyone here have a clue ?

short told… i want to copy my google photos to my nas…
and they are all listed in google drive under google photos

Just copy them. :slight_smile:

SRCDIR=“google:/Google Photos”
DESTDIR="/data/Google Photos"

yeah if i want them to my computer… but i want them on my NAS… who is running FreeNas

Its a NAS, cant you just point the destination to your nas share? I assume it has NFS. Or even better doesn’t rclone run on freenas?

thats what i’m trying to find out… how to run rclone on freenas… i think freenas is build on freeBSD or something

Ok. Sorry. Misunderstood your question. :wink:

Just create a Jail on FreeNAS, mount your storage to the Jail (all from FreeNAS GUI). Next SSH into the jail and download Rclone.

You can also have it directly on your FreeNAS drive but it’s not recommended. To do this you must make the drive FreeNAS is running from read/write, download Rclone and copy it to /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin and make the drive read only again. The jail approach should be prefered anyway since everything on the FreeNAS boot drive may be lost after the next update/upgrade.

I used this to upload a lot of stuff with rclone. At the moment I copy my stuff to a big flash drive first and upload from a Raspberry. Less power consuming and noise free for larger upload.