Is it possible to change the encryption password?

When I first experimented with rclone, I used a simple password for encryption. I forgot to change it before starting my real production backups. Can I change the password and still be able to decrypt my files?

The password is used to encrypt the data. If you change it, the data will need to be reuploaded.

It is unfortunate that the password is used as the encryption key rather than being used to decrypt a long secure key.

If you rent a VPS for a bit you could just make a new remote on the same host with the key you wanted and have it move the data between remotes running the encryption on the fly.

I did consider that design, but then you have the problem of where do you keep the actual key?

I also wanted the user to be able to re-create the remote just with the password passed in, with no extra metadata.

That really only leaves storing the encrypted key on the remote, which isn’t ideal for several reasons, one being security and another being extra transactions.