Is it possible to access rclone encrypted remote using acd_cli + encfs?

Basically what the question says. I have an encrypted remote on rclone which points to ACD:Encrypted and I use rclone to upload and encrypt my files there.

Can I mount and access these files without using rclone, but using acd_cli to mount the remote (already done that) and encfs to decrypt the files?


Encfs and rclone’s crypt are incompatible. If you encrypt using rclone you must use rclone to decrypt. Same if you encrypt using encfs then you must use encfs to decrypt

You can mount an rclone remote (non crypt) and encrypt using encfs over the rclone remote. This will work.

Oh so the only way to decrypt my files is using rclone? I though it would be compatible with something else. :worried:

Yes but you dont need to use rclone to mount the drive, you can mount it with acd_cli and then just point rclone crypt to acd_cli mounted folder

acd_cli mount AmazonDrive: …
and in rclone config change crypt remote to point there so you will basically achieve the same as using encfs.

Oh right I haven’t thought of that!

Anyway I was also thinking the possibility of using ACDDokanNet on Windows to mount my remote as a drive, and then using some other windows-compatible program to decrypt the files on-the-fly.

That would be a nice solution to mount an encrypted remote on Windows.

You can also do both, which is weird but works completely fine.

  1. Mount your ACD using ACDDokanNet (You will have encrypted files here)
  2. Use rclone and a local remote which points to your mount from ACDokenNet and the folder that has your encrypted files.

The mount in #2 will use rclone to decrypt, but rclone will not communicate with ACD, ACDDokanNet will do that. In fact, I used acd_cli to mount ACD on my Linux box and rclone to decrypt the contents of the mounted folder from acd_cli for months. I still find the performance better this way, but acd_cli has its own problems.

Anyway, different options available, just remember that if you encrypt with rclone you must decrypt with rclone.

I think I don’t understand. My point is to have a mount on Windows with the decrypted files. If rclone can’t mount on Windows how will I access them?

ACDDokanNet will only mount the encrypted files.