Is it pointless to have more --transfers than files to be transferred?

Simple question, but I haven’t tested/noticed if this is true or not so I thought I might ask.

For instance if I were to do a rclone move of 1 or 2 files (say, a gigabyte or two in size), would there be a performance impact of any sort if I were to use 2 transfers vs 4 transfers (vs 20 transfers, etc.)?

I guess the same question could apply to checkers—it would be meaningless to have more checkers than files in the (remote) directory, right?

Thanks for clarifying.

I guess this is pointless, yes.

Mostly, but some remotes will chunk big files and transfer multiple parts at once (eg b2) so in this case it isn’t pointless.

What other remotes do this besides b2? What about Google Drive?

I can’t remember off the top of my head… I looked at the code, drive doesn’t though.

Is there a list of remotes that support multiple transfers and if yes, the maximum number of transfers? I have assumed that if multiple transfers are not supported, it simply defaults to 1.