Is Cloud Raid Possible?

our organization has many OneDrive accounts (15, 1tb each) but one large local server (8tb). Syncing to the cloud is almost a must these days. Up till now, we have been just syncing different directories to different OneDrive accounts, which has worked ok. But with some of the directories now growing in access of 1tb, and Microsoft's recent crackdown on oversized OneDrive Business accounts, it's getting a little cumbersome to divvy up the syncs to get around the 1tb/OneDrive limit. All the scripts have to be edited each time.

I realize asking rclone to effectively "stripe" the data across multiple preset accounts might be asking too much (even though, hint hint :innocent: it would be awesome, since microsoft (and google, for that matter) are VERY stingy with I/O's on their user cloud storage as well as their company shared cloud storage. Striping would potentially improve performance) is there some kind of a filter i could apply to do this without getting too granular and causing files to get skipped on a sync? Appreciate any hints.


like JBOD,no backup,be careful data safety(like OneDrive ban one of your accounts)

wow. just when i thought i'd heard it all from this tool.....
this isn't exactly what i had in mind. but it will do pretty well exactly what we need done.
if i may though....

  • i think rclone should complain if one of the configured upstreams doesn't reply. this would make it a little more RAIDy and a little less JBODy. perhaps something like
err: remote1:no reply
  • for automated executions, it could be inserted into the log file that remote1 didn't reply. at which point the issue with the remote (changed password, etc) could be fixed and the job rerun.

  • the moveonenospc option would be handy. this is something already in trapexit/mergerfs but can't see the option to enable it in rclone.

just some thoughts :slight_smile:


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