Is BOX.COM providing 1TB/mo and 429 error?

Has anyone who has previously uploaded more than 1TB and experienced "Error "rate_limit_exceeded" (429): Request rate limit exceeded" been able to resume normal uploads on BOX?

I'm trying to understand whether BOX is actually delivering on their FUP of "Download/upload Ingress/Egress Bandwidth of 1TB per user per month". I'm 23 days out from when I first experienced 429 errors. Since this did not resolve on the August/September change in calendar month, I'm now waiting to see if it will clear after 30 days.

I've been waiting and even tried "--tpslimit 0.5" all without any change in my ability to upload.

Does anyone have any further insights into whether BOX is delivering 1/TB per month, or is the 429 error some type of ban?

They are adhering to the FUP. They essentially ban the use of the API, both download and upload.
From my experience the ban seems to reset at the beginning of the month, not 30 days from whenever you hit it. I was told they are "restructuring" how they address it. So I am not sure which way they will go in the future.

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Yes this BOX support page says the "The Box bandwidth limit resets on the first day of each month" However, that did not happen for the users of our account on September 1st.

In our subsequent exchanges with BOX support regarding our exceeding the bandwidth limit in August and our inability to upload in September they stated the following:

In response to this violation we have placed a ratelimit upon your account that will be removed 30 days from its implementation. The implementation began the same day as the day you received the email.

Thus my interest in whether anyone who hit the limit earlier in August has seen their restrictions lifted.

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